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Friday, August 14, 2015

MDJ Creations: Love Color Swatch and Review

Hello lovelies!
I have been absent, due to computer failure...All is well and good now,and I'm back with a  beautiful collection to show you all.  The love color collection by MDJ Creations is a set of 8 beautiful jelly crème holos... WARNING picture heavy post ahead.
I know right!? They are gorgeous! The collection consist of(from top left) Violet, Sunflower, Meadow, Tiger lily(from bottom left) Lilac, Peony, Hummingbird, and Morning Glory. Now onto the swatches!

First up we have


Peony is a light salmon pink with subtle linear holo in the bottle, but has more of a scattered holo effect on the nails, which I think gives a really pretty and feminine look. Formula was perfect and smooth with just 2 coats and top coat.


Violet is a perfect light purple, and I loved that this one had the same scattered holo look but also had the added touch of some larger particles of holographic pieces. I think it gives a unique and special look.

                                          Morning Glory

Morning Glory is a perfect periwinkle blue with a hint of purple flash in low light. Shown is 2 coats and I had no issue with application.


Hummingbird is a real beauty, its a light sky blue ,and like violet, has some larger holographic particles. With an added twist it also has some darker blue glitter pieces. I really love this one!


Meadow fits its namesake, because it conjures up images of spring green trees, and lush green meadows.  It has a finer holographic shimmer throughout, and I see this color working with all skintones. Some people tend to shy away from green polishes, but I honestly think this is a shade anyone could love.


Sunflower is light yellow with that leans a little into the chartreuse realm. Normally this is not a color I would gravitate towards, but I really enjoyed this color. I think its just pale enough ,and with the added holographic glitter, to somehow just work for me.
 Tiger Lily

Tiger lily is a burnt orange color it reminds me of autumn leaves, and I see this one being used a lot this fall. Perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving. The good thing about this color is its a nice spring color also. 2 coats of this with no problems in application.

Last, but not least, is my personal favorite of the collection...

I love lilac and the best description of the color is...well...lilac ha ha. Its a pinky purple that has some larger silver holographic glitters throughout. I just loved the color of this one and loved the different glitters and shimmers within it.

And I also wanted to show you guys a macro of my ring finger, this is done with the nimbus technique, which in short is mixing nail polish with alcohol and dotting with a q-tip, it gives a water colored effect. I thought this was the perfect way to incorporate all 8 shades from the collection. I stamped on a flower image from the newest Uberchic plate collection with a white polish

My overall feelings for the Love Color collection by MDJ Creations is that you need this collection! I feel this is a great collection of core shades that will work for your base color,nail art, and even beautiful watermarbling( I would show you that, but trust me no one wants to see me attempt to water marble) I will include a link to her shop if you want to check out this collection or just browse through her other amazing polishes.

All MDJ Creations are 5- free and vegan and can be purchased through her Etsy shop

This collection was purchased by me and all reviews are my honest opinion.

I hope this post was helpful ,and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Intro and favorite Indie Polishes of the moment

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my first blogging experience, I honestly never would have thought I would create a blog. After beginning my nail polish love affair(just a few short months ago) I realized that very few people in my real every day life seemed to care about which cuticle oils I thought moisturized wonderfully, or which brands of nail polish had the best formula, and I got complete blank stares when trying my best to get others excited about all the wonderful indie polishes I was trying...they just didn't understand! Cue sad face

, but alas I was determined to share all my new found polish love and information with  the many people who do care about all things NAIL POLISH, and that my friends is what brings us to this new adventure. I plan on sharing all things polish related including, but not limited to: Swatches, favorite products, deals, opinions and nail art! I would love to eventually start some video tutorials, but i'm going to take this one step at a welcome, so glad you are here, and I hope you enjoy reading!

I am going to start off this first post with a little FAQ, so you can get to know me a little better

My name is Miranda, I am 24 years old, I live where the wind comes sweepin' down the plainnnnnnnnnnssssss(no never heard it? you should go listen to it) O.K.L.A.H.O.M.A! I have two wonderful, naughty, crazy, but mainly good boys who are 6 and 2. I am married to my highschool sweetheart who fully(well most of the time) supports me in my nail polish addiction, I do occasionally still have to hide my nail mail from him, but only SOMETIMES! I'm a full time stay at home mommy, along with part time student, and a hairstylist on the weekends! I enjoy all things crafty related and love reading! My favorite Indie polishes of the moment are Femme Fatale, Bear Pawlish, ILNP, My Darling Curios, and Starrily, and I will now share some swatches of my favorites by them, because who doesn't love pictures?!

First up we have Lynnb designs "Our little Infinity" formula is amazing self levels not streaky and was a 2 coater. This is like a universe in a bottle its just wonderful.

Next we have the oh so wonderful, and my hands down favorite of the moment Femme Fatale "Art of Witchcraft" this polish is out of this world beautiful blue and purple shift, and so unique! application is flawless, and this is also a 2 coater. Femme Fatale is an Australian based brand, and they are one to keep your eye on for sure, because they are coming out with some really special polishes!

Bear Pawlish is a hot commondity, and for good reason. The maker, Tennessee, sure knows how to make polishes. My favorite by her right now is "Peek-a-boo" a super hot pink(leans almost neon) linear holographic polish, also seems to have an orangey flash to it. I was so impressed with this polish it applied like butter, easy and silky(get your mind out of the gutter!) Also only 2 glorious coats.

ILNP( I love Nail Polish) is a Las Vegas based company and I have been impressed with every collection she has released. The packaging is elegant, polishes are beautiful, and the formulas are fantastic. What more can you want? my favorite right now is "Paige" a beautiful raspberry pink ultra holographic linear (with also some scattered holo)polish.

Next up is Starrily, and this brand sure lives up to its name, all of her polishes are "stars" they shimmer, Glitter and shine. It's really hard to pick a favorite but "Ultima" stole my heart it's a silver holographic glitter packed polish that packs a serious punch! I used 3 coats for this swatch but you could probably get away with 2 thicker coats, or layered over another silver polish.

Last but not least is My Darling Curios she made the list because she has superb shipping time, amazing prices, wonderful packaging, and has really impressed me with polishes I have ordered from her. My favorite right now is called "Guilded" a beautiful light blue filled with micro fine holographic glitter. It's a 3 coater, but was worth every coat because it applied like a dream. And as a bonus you get to see my second favorite by her which is on my middle finger, its called "Peacock Crossing" a squishy teal jelly crème.

Phew...Congrats to all who made it to this point so that's it for todays post! Please share with me some of your favorite Indies of the moment! I would love to know, and thanks for reading